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May I upload pictures from other people?

No, you must be the author of the images you upload so that you can directly give them a free license CC-BY-SA, CC-BY or CC0.

May I upload more than one image of each monument?

Yes, you may upload as many images as you wish, the more the better, but remember that you will have a better chance to get a prize if you upload more images of different monuments.

May I take pictures before September?

Yes, the pictures may be taken at any time, they may even be pictures you took several years ago.

May I participate in the contest taking pictures of monuments that already have an image in Commons?

Yes, you may participate taking and uploading images of all the monuments that are in the lists of the contest. New viewpoints of a monument always help to know it better, but pictures of monuments that do not have an image in Commons will be valued more.

How can I take part in the international contest?

The best 10 photos of each country go to the international contest.

How do I associate my email address to my account in Wikimedia Commons?

You must login to your Commons account, click on the link that says Preferences at the top right of the page, and in the Email Options section introduce your contact email address. Then press Save and you will receive an email to validate that address.

What are the ID numbers of the monuments?

The Identification (ID) numbers of monuments are their BIC or Autonomic codes, depending on the case. The ID numbers of each monument are available in the monuments’ lists created in the different Wikipedias. Some monuments do not have an ID number, and they do not participate in this contest because without that information the pictures cannot be read by the programs that are in charge of their classification. Only the images uploaded with their associated ID number will be able to take part in the contest.